About Us

ATOM Kids is an innovative company, which aims to break stereotypes and make serious science accessible, interesting, and cool for children. We believe that every child is a scientist. ATOM Kids believes that education with experiments is a tremendous vehicle for learning how things really work. We want to encourage the curiosity of children through fun activities and experiments.

ATOM Kids fififi fififififi appeared on the market in 2018 . Nowadays, the company has 15 employees and its own enterprise in the village Natakhtari were is located both production and Research and Development (RD) unit. The company is run mostly by women and it involves scientists, psychologists, students from various disciplines,

ATOM Kids has various experimental games from the fields of STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering Arts and Mathematicsthe spheres which awaken children`s desire to observe the events of the world. The company produces Experimental toys such as “Molecules”, “DNA Extraction”, “Funny Foam”, “Flying Balloons”, “3D Planets”.  “Volcano”, “Hygiene LAB” “Rainbow”. etc. The kits are completely safe, the production meets the safety standards to ensure the safety of products, activities and processes